Master Plan

The overall guiding principles used in the master planning process include; sustainability of developments, inclusivity, innovation, flexibility, and integration among others. These guide the development towards creating a Smart Green STP that provides a conducive environment for users to work and live. This is the main objective of the spaces provided in the STP.

Apart from internal linkages between the park and the university, the master plan guides the development of the STP to harness integration between the park and the surrounding neighbourhood. This further complements the triple helix model in terms of functionality (academia, government, and industry).The master plan promotes access through establishing functional linkages within the activity sites and external facilities. This not only supports functionality, but also ensures porosity of the park.

Land use activities have been structured to take advantage of natural context of the site. The locationof facilities around a core of shared facilities not only enhances linkages, but also ensures easy access between various activity areas.