The STP envisions a facility that will enhance regional and national development through fostering research and innovation in three key technology sectors –
Design, manufacturing and materials, biotechnology and ICT. Specific objectives to realize this purpose include to:

a) Provide a business-oriented framework ensuring sustainability of the park and incubators;
b) Provide a framework that optimize comparative and legal advantages and better potentials of the park in becoming major regional centre for economic, research and scientific activities;
c) Articulate the requirements for linking the STP to actual and potential local, regional and global markets and expansion as envisaged by the Government;
d) Promote synergy among firms by providing common services centres, in order to exploit economies of scale;
e) Aid in the transfer of technology and business skills between the University and industry;
f) Plan and design an STP that attracts green, high technology, knowledge-intensive industries, thereby generating new income and business opportunities;
g) Provide clear elements for the location, organization, and implementation of
various activities in the STP Master Plan.